Internet Sales Partners

Advertise Cedar Oil Industries, Nature's Defender, and Dr. Ben's Products on your Custom Cedar Oil Site (or existing site)... and get paid!

 For A LIMITED TIME, you can purchase a Customized Cedar Oil Site, complete with Cedar Oil Industries, Nature's Defender, and Dr. Ben's Product Lines, Starting at only $499.00!


  • We Build Your Site
  • We Upload your New Site to Your Domain, That You Buy
  • You Then Buy at Wholesale Prices & Sell at Retail Prices, Collect The Money and Place your Order
  • We Will Box, Label & Drop Ship Directly To Your Customer

Promote your Custom Cedar Oil Site With Ease!

Custom Cedar Oil Sites are Search Engine Optimized, Social Network Compatible (i.e. Facebook, MySpace, Twitter) and Ready to Accept Orders. 

Distributors to local retailers and communities

Buy wholesale and Represent Cedar Retail Brand Products with non-exclusive territories to the retail, agricultural, industrial industries. You must purchase wholesale by the case and then sell to retailers, consumers or to contractors.

For Exclusive City Wide Territories: They require a Minimum purchase volume of $10,000 per month (A total of $120,000. per year minimum) for cities with populations of approximately 1 million residents and $20,000 per month for cities with populations of more than 1 million (A total of $240,000 per year minimum)

Retailers Wholesale Direct Inquires

Vets, Groomers, Pet supply stores, Pest Control Co., Landscapers, Cities, Universities, School Districts and anyone who wishes to purchase in case lots.

Retail Stores/Shops, (We put your company name on the back of the label)– You would be Requesting To Be Set Up As A Direct Wholesale Discount Purchase, Retailer Of Cedar Retail Brand Products. (Verifiable documentation of being a Retailer/Dispensary Reseller must be presented and placed on file to qualify for purchasing products at wholesale discounts off MSRP.) We do not offer credit terms of any kind to anyone. Payment must be received before shipment leaves the warehouse.

Private Label & Bulk

(48 cases on pallets & 55 gallon drum inquiries)

Interested in private labeling Cedar products please fill out form below and we will contact you within 24 hours. Please make inquiry for your specific product needs and marketing strategy.

International Territories

Interested in bulk purchases and relabeling Cedar Products for Countries Requires a minimum investment of U.S. $1,000,000.00 in Annual wholesale purchase volume


Click on the link provided, Complete The Form - We Will Respond With-in 24 hours CLICK HERE TO BEGIN