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To whom it may concern:

I am the structural repair and maintenance supervisor at Fort Lewis Military Installation in Washington State.

I have contracted Virgil Pelton to seal with Petri -Wood at least 3 buildings that have had major water issues, Example: when it rained the water would literally run down the inside wall of our buildings.  This has been an ongoing problem for many years some of them 10 to 15 yrs.  The Cedar-Shield product has sealed up all of the areas it has been applied to and we are no longer having water issues. I am currently having Virgil seal as many buildings as I can under my authority this product works on CMU block, Brick, Wood as well as EFIS or Stucco coverings.  

Ken Place
Structural Repair Supervisor
Fort Lewis Military Installation
Bldg 2044 Box 339500 MS-17
Fort Lewis Wa 98433-9500

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From: Ask Ben
To: Rebekka
Sent: Tuesday, October 28, 2008 8:19 PM
Subject: RESPONSE: Prevenative measures for flea control

Hi Rebekka,

Good to hear from you. In response to your question about flea preventatives, I respond as follows. There is no such thing as flea prevention on a animal. The Spot Drops you are using on the dog do not prevent fleas. The fleas are killed when they bite the dog for a blood meal. They are killed from the toxins systemically wicked into and carried in the animals bloodstream. Not for one moment did those Pet Meds defer a flea from getting on the animal. Technically speaking, when you apply those drops you are using the animal to kill your fleas. They are not the dog or cats fleas. They didn't grow them ! They are your fleas ! You didn't kill them and now they are attacking you and your pet.

A good Spot Drop use comparison would be you taking chemo therapy to kill mosquito's that bite you ! Not a prudent way to control fleas or the mosquito. I rest my case. Quit with the spot drops before you damage the animals organs more than they already have been hurt. Stop before the animals immune systems becomes so compromised it starts to attract COLUMBELLA mites and you to become a host. CLICK HERE to learn more about that dilemma. Incidentally, the spot drops dry the animals skin and it feels to him like his skin is shrinking all the time. That is why they lick themselves so much when on that poison.

The way to kill fleas is to kill them before they get to the animal. Kill them in the carpet, in the grass, where ever they are. You can treat those same areas periodically and kill any fleas that have migrated into the area transplanted by squirrels or other stray rodents or mammals. That is the only bonafide prevention for fleas.

I sincerely hope I have helped you understand the flea issue better than you did before. I see numerous dogs and cats in the clinic that have had their immune system compromised and are beyond healing. It is very sad. But sadder yet is the fact that the owners don't have a clue what they are doing to their pets. Shame of the VETS of the World that prescribe this bizarre treatment. Shame on the Chemical Companies for promoting such cruelty in the guise of Pet Meds. There is no medication involved with this protocol. Only monetary greed.

Cedar OIL Industries sells several products that will kill fleas instantly. BEST YET for the animal and inside treatments. PCO Choice for the outside areas. Both are Chemical free and safe for children and pets.

Have a good day and thanks for using Cedar Oil Products.

Dr. Ben Oldag


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From: Rebekka
To: ASKBEN@Cedar Oil.com
Sent: Tuesday, October 28, 2008 5:10 PM
Subject: use as preventative measure

I have great concerns with the Frontline we are currently using on our dog. She has never had fleas, but our vet said to use it year-round for protection. I don't like this practice, but I also know it can be very difficult to treat fleas once they're in your house. Can your product be used as a prevention method? If so, how? Most of the testimonials have to do with flea infestations or dog with flea problems already. thanks



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From: "Brendan Schilling" <apple.guybrendan@mac.com>
To: <Info@cedarcide.com>
Sent: Thursday, August 14, 2008 11:45 PM
Subject: Scorpions and crickets GONE!

Living in the desert comes with many penalties. We have annual plagues
of silverfish, earwigs, lawn grubs, ants, crickets, and scorpions - you can almost tell the month of the year by seeing which of these critters are crawling across the patio and slipping through the cracks to get into the house. While most of these are merely a nuisance, scorpions - especially bark scorpions - can be a painful and dangerous house and yard pest. My wife absolutely freaks out when she finds anything, and insists that I "do something."

We have two kitties and two beautiful young daughters. I grew up on a
farm in Montana and was used to using whatever chemicals were necessary to spray crops and yards to keep them free from pests. However, I also got a firsthand look at all of the farmers dying young from a multitude of cancers, thyroid and organ failure, and immune system diseases, and realize now that it could very well be due to chemical exposure. Even though my favorite pest sprays did a good job of controlling the creepy-crawlies, I was loathe to use them outside more than once or twice a year, and never used them inside.

I found Cedar oil quite by accident after I was stung on the finger by a
bark scorpion when repairing a wooden chair my two year-old daughter was just sitting on to eat her lunch five minutes earlier. While searching
online for scorpion control products (typing with a hand swollen twice
its normal size), I stumbled on a reference for Cedar oil and dug deeper
into the website. While I am naturally very, very, VERY skeptical of
such claims, I am also practical - I sold some unnecessary items around
the house on eBay and used the funds to buy some BEST YET and PCO Choice (I figured I wasn't out any money if they didn't work - just a few things we no longer needed).

I have gone from being your most critical skeptic to a hand-waving
believer. It took a couple of applications inside the house to rid us of
the scorpions (I found a dozen inside in the month before treatment and
only ONE a week after the first treatment). After a couple of weeks and
a second in-house BEST YET treatment, I sprayed the entire yard with PCO
choice using the hose-end sprayer. We live on a half- acre, and I used
two quarts of PCO Choice to thoroughly spray down almost every square
foot of yard and soak the nooks and crannies on the block wall fence
where scorpions love to hide and breed. I saw dozens of them writhe and
twist and DIE - anything that took a direct hit would be dead in a few
minutes. I soaked down the house walls and gravel to lay down a barrier
for the pests. Steven King could have not imagined the scene of the
thousands of crickets, earwigs, and myriad other critters that would
climb and jump like mad to try to get away from the spray - it was both
grotesque and comical at the same time. I was very pleased! My wife was

A few weeks ago I caught a large bark scorpion on a neighbor's fence and
gave them both a nice demo of Cedar oil industries - we sprayed a U-shaped "barrier" on his driveway and set the scorpion in the middle. After a few minutes of trial and error, the scorpion finally found the area not sprayed by BEST YET and started to escape. I dribbled a few drops from the sprayer on him, and five minutes later he was dead. My neighbor has now
purchased and applied both BEST YET and PCO Choice, and hasn't seen
another scorpion since.

I will be back to get more, count on it. I plan to fog the attic space
once the summer temps die down to rid it of any scorpion nests. PCO
Choice treatment will become a seasonal ritual (especially during cricket
season - you should have seen the actual drifts of dead cricket bodies
blown up on the porch by the wind), and BEST YET has already become the
choice for in-home spraying to keep out the undesirables. My local
pesticide store is now carrying a few of your products on my  recommendation, and I have been happy to tell the story to a few folks
there while visiting. And, the new dock I will build next spring at our lake house will get a treatment of Petri-Wood (I am still a bit skeptical about that, but you haven't lied to me yet, so I figure why not?)

Brendan Schilling, Chandler, AZ


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From: Dorothy.Heater
To: ASKBEN@Cedaroilindustries.com
Sent: Friday, March 28, 2008 10:58 AM
Subject: about cider oil
Will this BEST YET keep my pets safe from fleas etc?

I too had a horrid experience with frontline. A 10 month old chihuahua - hercules. We were at a pony club event in kentucky - we took hercules along and he stayed mostly in the travel trailer (for people). when he went for a little walk i feared he might pick up a flea - so i put one drop of frontline on his shoulder. He was dead within 2 weeks.

I took him immediately to our vet 48 hours after the frontline, he had lost energy - our vet said it was because the bone in his head hadn't closed - EVEN I AM NOT SO STUPID TO THINK THAT WAS TRUE. Also the vet said try feeding him raw meat as he was too weak to eat his kibble. I brought him back in two days and he was much weaker, my vet sent me to a special vet hospital that takes cases the local vets are not equiped for. Here i was told immediately hercules should have had a transfussion - the front line caused the body to kill all the red blood cells - hercules had no red blood cells, they put him on machines to keep him alive so my children could say good bye to him, then they took him off the machines and he died. He was so wild and silly before I used the frontline. Also my vet gets NO points for thinking a common chihuahua symptom is slow closing skull bones.

I've been using flea collars ever since. Now my pomeranian has a thyroid issue - so i'm afraid of even the flea collars. What is in this product? It might be just the think to keep my pomeranian healthy!!



Hi Dorothy,

Dr. Ben here. I am so sorry to hear about the little fellow. This is not the first time the Frontline killed a dog. I hear horror stories all day long related to the Spot Drops the Vets keep telling folks to use. I had a incident today where a beautiful 2 year old Scotty Terrier died. I told the owner to quit with the Spot Drops and spray the little guy with BEST YET. The dog was covered with fleas. The BEST YET would have killed them instantly. The poor fellow was already vomiting and had perpetual diarrhea. The Frontline was not doing anything to the fleas. She decided to get a second opinion from another Vet. He said to double up on the Frontline and it should take care of the problem. She took his advice and the little fellow died in her arms two hours later. All because of a flea problem that could have been solved for $29.95.

How sad it is that a professional can be owned by a Chemical Company. ChemieVets are very evil in the most horrible way. It makes me ashamed to be a part of the Animal Health Industry. I suggest that 90% of most dogs itching problems are triggered by a weak or destroyed immune system the Fiprinol has created in the dogs organs, subsequently promoting some kind of allergic reaction in its skin. One does not have to be to smart to diagnose that. My question is this. Would you treat your children and yourself with Chemotherapy drugs to keep mosquitoes from biting? Of course not. But that is exactly what your Vet is telling you to do. He is telling you to inject poison into your pets bloodstream to kill your fleas. Those fleas are not the dogs fleas. Dogs don't grow fleas ! They are your fleas. They got on him in your house or your yard. Now, go kill them before they get a opportunity to attack your pet. The theory of using your animal as a magnet to capture and kill your fleas is not a prudent endeavor. Just treat the premise, inside and outside with the Cedar oil products and get rid of the fleas once and for all. It works every time! Thanks for taking my advice.



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April 15, 2008

Guess this is a "heads up" about a new product on the market called Promeris, maufactured by Ft. Dodge Animal Health Products. This is a very important message to my family & friends who have dogs-cats--and to alert you to the hazard of using a new Flea & Tick Preventative called Promeris. This is a new product designed to be a more effective product than other flea/tick treatments (SPOT DROPS)that no longer work because the parasites are immune to the toxins. As a next generation toxin,Promeris was just released this year.It is available thru a vet and not currently on-line. I got ProMeris this week for my 7 dogs (6 Huskies & 1 Golden-Airedale), and the results were debilitating for nearly all of them-including me. Since my incident this week, my vet has pulled it from distribution and alerted the manufacturer, Fort Dodge. To date they have not responded to my Vet, me or my lawyer.

Here are my results: Within less than 2 hours after applying,
4 of my dogs had vomited from 2-4 times, 3 were disoriented and stumbling, 1 was dragging his back leg, 1 was salivating. I had very similar symptoms like an allergic reaction-my lips were swollen, eyes very red, mucous membranes such as eyes, nose, and mouth were stinging. I was very disoriented-dizzy equilibrium and not able to drive.

To make this a short story-all 7 of my dogs were admitted to the hospital for veterinarian care,and 3 of them remained for care, IV fluids and observation for 24 hours. I myself was forced to go to the emergency room. I'm home now and so are the dogs. We're all feeling much better. Vet bills were over $2,500 and Fort Dodge is paying for these, like it or not. Not only can the product cause this reaction, it has a highly noxious odor that permeated the house and is just starting to dissipate after 3 days.
Your dogs/cats might not have the same reaction, but given my experience-I wanted to help you all become well-educated about the product.

Kathryn L.Leinthallkalein
T Welsh Terriers

RESPONSE from Dr. Ben Oldag

Thanks for the update Kathryn. I checked into the Promeris earlier this year when it was first introduced. Like Frontline and the other Spot Drops, It is some nasty stuff. God only knows how many animals it will kill before the government stops the chemical companies from killing our animals for revenue. I have been chastised by the Animal Health Profession for years for being outspoken about the Spot Drops. When the chemical company salesmen first came to my practice and tried to get me to be a partner in crime with them by peddling the poison, I threw them out. Like I always said, would you take chemotherapy to kill a mosquito that bit you ? In reality, that is what you are forcing the animals to do ! To act as a magnet for the fleas, hope they jump on the pets and get killed from the toxins you put in their blood stream, before they find you. It is a incompetent and stupid theory at best. Why not just kill the fleas/ticks before they find the pet?.That is the prudent thing to do. Good luck to you Kathryn. Thanks for the order of BEST YET and PCO Choice. You are on the right track now.

Dr. Ben Oldag


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From: Ask Ben
To: Tobi
Sent: Friday, April 18, 2008 8:28 PM
Subject: RESPONSE: Bed bug infestation


Good to hear from you. My suggestion to you is purchase the Tri-Jet Fogger and a few gallons of the BEST YET. There is nothing more effective for control of parasites than a aggressive ULV Cold Fog of the premises. Go to the www.cedaroilstore.com and read my fumigation recital. The tabs on the left will lead you there. Save your money and energy on the other agendas you are contemplating. As to the diatomaceous earth, there is not one single scientific study that has proven that stuff is good for anything other than internal parasites in cattle. How they articulated that to insect control is beyond me. I have addressed some of your questions below.

Please read on.

From: "Tobi" <tobi@earthlink.net>
To: <askben@cedaroilindustries.com>
Sent: Friday, April 18, 2008 1:29 PM
Subject: Questions about Best Yet use for treating bed bugs

Hi Dr. Ben,

I have discovered a bed bug infestation at my house, and I live in an older single family house with my 7 year old (and no pets). There are a lot of cracks and crevices where the bed bugs could be harbored. I have a few questions:

- How long is the residual activity of Best Yet?

Don't be fooled about residual activity for bed bugs. There is no such thing. They must be killed immediately to control them. Having said that, I don't know of anything that will do that Instant Kill except the BEST YET. The USDA tests showed that the only chemical that did kill at all was Methyl Bromide (most toxic chemical known to man) and it was only 19%. BEST YET had 100% mortality !!! The rest, chemicals enzymes and organics, had a ZERO mortality.

- How often should I spray, and for how long?

In a older structure like you have, aggressive fogging is really the only prudent protocol to follow.

- Is there any research that has been done on use of Best Yet on bed bugs, and, if so, how can I get a copy of it? (I’m a biologist : -))

The USDA in concert with Iowa State did a extensive and very sophisticated test on parasites. As you may or may not know, this product was invented for control of such pests in Iraq. The test results will not be available until next year as the product is in a commentary period phase required before it is introduced as a mandatory replacement for the toxic chemicals currently being used by the government entities.

- Should I spray the basement (concrete floor) and/or attic?
When you treat for parasites you treat everywhere. Because, that is where they can be found. Everywhere. Bed Bugs are Nocturnal. Difficult to locate. That's why you need fogging protocol.

- Do I need to treat the walls and ceilings, or is the idea that the bugs have to crawl on the floors to get to me or my child, so the floors are sufficient?
Fleas and Bed Bugs are horizontal dwellers as a rule. If you fog you will get everywhere including but not limited to the walls and ceiling.

- Should I bag my “stuff”, such as clothes in closets and dressers, toys on the toy shelves/in toy boxes, books on the bookshelves, so that I can treat the dressers and shelves?

Not necessary if you are going to fog.

- Any suggestions for treating things like books that can’t be washed, steamed, or sprayed with an enzyme cleaner (that disrupts chitin).
Just fog the areas and the books if you like. Don't set yourself up for a project that will take on a life of its own.

- As far as you know, is use of Best Yet compatible with putting diatomaceous earth between the wall voids, which I’m seriously considering doing.

Why would you do that ? A waste of time, energy and money. Besides, you don't want to breathe that stuff the rest of your life. Any foreign object / dust like that is very dangerous to the respiratory system, especially that of a child.

- Does Best Yet stand up well to heat? I just bought a commercial grade steamer and was planning on steaming my mattress, bed frames, wood furniture, and floors. Do I need to wait a week after applying Best Yet to do this (like vacuuming), or would it be O.K. to steam a Best Yet treated object or surface soon afterwards?

Use the BEST YET and the fogger and forget about steaming. It is not effective for Bed Bugs no matter what someone told you or you read somewhere.

Thank you very much for your help. As I’m sure you can imagine, having to handle this bed bug infestation as a single mother is very stressful; the Pest Control companies that I called have proposed treatment plans that in my judgment are likely to be both ineffective and unnecessarily dangerous. Any advice that you can give me will be greatly appreciated.

You are obviously smarter than the average Bear. Don't let those thieves have your money. Exterminators represent the most evil of all industries. Call Celia or Debbie at 1-866-599-0449 and let them help you establish a prudent protocol for your endeavor. Quit stressing out and just fog the home, attic etc. and move on with your life.

Dr. Ben Oldag


Tobi Colvin-Snyder


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Sent: Tuesday, September 18, 2007 8:54 AM


Why of course you have a sore throat and burning eyes. That's the problem with using chemicals. Pyrethroids will compromise your immune system instantly and create horrible sinus infections. Some of these residual results can make you sick for years. They are estrogen mirroring compounds linked to breast cancer and autism. They are horrible substances. No where in the World except the USA can these toxins be used. That is why the USDA came to us to make a Bio Product and BEST YET was the result.
As to the DE, perhaps that is okay for an attempt to control some insect like the roach etc. DON'T MESS WITH FLEAS. You must kill them immediately. Get it? But the chemicals will not do it. They will kill you and the animals first. At days end, you won't need to experiment with the messy DE. You will have the total insect dilemma solved if you do what I tell you.

Dr. Ben

Sent: Monday, September 17, 2007 6:41 AM
Subject: Re: RESPONSE: Prices

I am using DE now. What is wrong with that? I had the house fumigated and really think it was a mistake. I have a sore throat and burning eyes. I hate chemicals and used Frontline last year one time and now the cat in the hospital has thyroid prolems.
Yes, I am upset. My one cat has been in the Vets hospital since Wed. I have another cat going down. I have never thought this could happen. I do rescue and am very responsible. I want something safe and that will really work. SO far nothing has.



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From: masonic1950@hotmail.com
Date: Fri, 12 Oct 2007 13:27:48 -0400
Subject: My tale of woe

One day I let a so-called friend leave her (favorite) pet with me. After
they left, my husband and I both noticed that there was something going
on, we both were scratching so bad espiceally if we sat on the sofa. We
figured that (Ocean) the dog had fleas. I call my so-called friend and she
said that her dog did not have fleas. Now did we get them from a 7 yr
plague or just a flea scouting a place to live, but it did not matter. Well shortly after, we figured that my husband was not being affected by the
fleas but that they were only after me. I slept in the car, I slept in the
tub and I blew up my vacuum (I am serious). I went and brought a new one
and continued to vacuum. Let's see, I used, an exterminator, I used bombs,
I used sprays and all I did was get bitten and depressed. Then I went on
line to find out how long I could live in my house (which was not mine
anymore) without the fleas having an effect on me, it was 3weeks.

On Webmd there was a link and it was to cedar oil industries and it changed my life. I met the very kind (PRINCESS), who told me that she had a secret BEST YET potion that would help me get rid of the rage that was going on in house. I had to do something, my husband was naming them (Georgette & George. Paul & Pauline) and one night I even saw a pair of them coming out of my kitchen with a peice of ham and my husband just let them go by, that was a night when I slept in the tub. Well, the Princess had this potion and I should take it home and erradicate the fleas. I wonder if my husband was on their side or mine. This was a night that I slept in the car. I could not sit on the sofa, so I had to sit on the cocktail table, I cut 50 trash bags open and taped them together and sprayed the sofa and love set and put them on the entire two pieces, all the way around and under. I did the same for my matresses, it looked strange and looked bad, this time my husband slept in the car with me. I saw paul & paulette trying to leave, because I was going to commit murder of the genocide type (ha,ha,ha). The Princess was a very nice and happy person, she was cordial and professional in her demeanor and she made me feel like she wanted to help me, not just sell me something.

Thank You Princess and Cedar oil.



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From: Ask Ben
Sent: Thursday, September 27, 2007 9:55 PM
Subject: RESPONSE: Best Yet is on the way

Hi Jennifer,

So that you know, the bomb will not work. The rascals are immune to Pyrethroids. Dipping the cats is not a good option. Again, the fleas are immune to the solution. As to spraying the yard, here again the fleas are immune to the pyrethroid solution. Take a moment and read the testimonials on the www.cedaroilindustries.com website. There are both edited and uncensored writings. I suggest you will find out that what I said above is true. That is why the US Army came to us to make the BEST YET. The pryrethroids won't work. Save your money on those proposed treatments. The only thing that gets killed is you and the animals. Please, stop exposing yourself to those solutions. There is a page full of links on the ARTICLES OF INTEREST link related to the danger of Pyrethroids. Take a moment and read a few of them. This is serious business and you are flirting with some dangerous toxins.

Be careful when bathing cats. Also alcohol will dry the skin out like the bathing does. That compounds the problem because the animals skin gets dry and fleas find it easier to attack the hide of the animal. I know your budget is strained. Use the quart, and as soon as you can, get enough solution to treat the whole house. Also the outside. With flea control, it is all or none. These rascals have got to die and yesterday is not soon enough. The BEST YET and the PCO Choice is the only thing I know of that will kill them, and not you !

Dr. Ben

Sent October 19, 2006

Good morning Mrs. Garrett,

I suggest you review your situation seriously. You are correct about using the BEST YET over and over. There is no one time magic treatment that will end your flea dilemma. In the Iowa State testing, of the ten products tested, chemical and other, BEST YET was the only one that provided 100% mortality rates. Ten times better than anything else on the market. The product works. You yourself have said that. Unfortunately, you have a lot more fleas than you realize. For every one you see there are 99 more invisible or in egg or larvae stage. Each one is laying eggs as we speak. 500 in their lifetime. Do the math. It is really scary. You need to eliminate the source and get the infestation under control. It will only get worse if you don't. If I recall you only purchased a quart of the BEST YET. It will require a treatment of 1 gallon per 1000 square foot to eliminate the inside problem. Then you have to go outside and treat. Remember, they all came from the outside originally. They will keep getting on the dog if he is exposed to them inside or outside. Don't let this problem get out of hand or you will spend a lot more money than you ever anticipated. I have been in this business for over 50 years and believe me, I have seen some real serious issues caused from fleas. Before BEST YET the only cure was to tent the home and use a very toxic methyl bromide to kill the infestation. You would have to evacuate for 45 days. The treatment can cost up to 8,000 dollars. You would live with exposure to chemicals from that point forward. Then, if you don't keep after the yard you can get the problem back immediately. You see, rodents, birds, squirrels and other critters carry fleas about. There is no way to completely eliminate them, only control your area. It must become a preventative maintenance agenda for you.

I suggest you call Cedar oil and talk to him about a prudent way to get your problem under control. It might be the best call you ever made. As to a refund for the product, that would be up to Dave but I seriously doubt he would oblige. No manufacturer of a tested and proven product offers a refund on purchases. There are to many variables such as amount applied, where applied, how applied etc. We cannot go home with each product we sell and therefore cannot monitor the applications. In your case, simply put, 1 quart of BEST YET will not solve the problem and I suggest no one ever told you so. You purchased the product to kill the fleas on your dog and stop the itching and dry skin issue. In your previous email you related your dog was a new animal after the treatment. Mission accomplished. You did not want to treat the home and yard if I remember correctly. Cedar oil products can make the magic you want to happen take place, but not for $34.95. And not by only spraying your dog.

Again, I suggest you step back and accept the world of reality. You have a flea infestation on your property. This can lead to lice, bed bugs and mite issues. To fix the problem is not cheap or will it be easy. And at days end it will require maintenance on the dog and your dwelling to keep it under control. It is not a easy task but it can be done. Cleanliness of the home etc. has nothing to do with it. Like many of your North American neighbors, you have fallen victim to Fleas. Roll up your sleeves and get the problem under control. The sooner the better. I tell you this as a friend. I learned the hard way myself. And Mrs. Garret, don't bother calling the exterminator. Save your money. He has no chemical to fix the problem that the flea is not immune to. Think about it. That is why the US Army came to us for a formulation ! They paid dearly for something that you get to take advantage of for a very small investment. Don't pass on the opportunity.

Have a good day.
Dr. Ben Oldag


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Friday, October 26, 2007

Sorry to say the Cedar oil didn't do the job, the fleas still appeared on my dog.

I was under the assumption this would work with the Best Yet .
When I sprayed directly at the flea ..yes it kill them..but it didn't elimate them totally.

I would have to keep using this product over and over! This is not what was explained to me.

In addition to spraying my dog, I sprayed the house as suggested.
I keep a clean home by nature to began with .... the product probably has to be poured into the carpets...that is if there are fleas in the carpet to began.

So sorry to say I am not a happy customer..and would like to be credited for the product.

Thank YOU.
Mrs. Garrett

From: Jennifer
To: 'Ask Ben'
Sent: Friday, September 28, 2007 6:03 AM
Subject: Best Yet

I have ordered some Best Yet – I could only afford a small container at this time. I have fleas all over my house, though. I know I’ll need more Best Yet, but it will have to wait until next month. In the meantime, though. A friend has offered to flea bomb my house and have my two cats dipped. Do you think this is too extreme? I’ve been grooming my cats every day with a flea comb dipped in alcohol. Three days ago there were perhaps 50 fleas per cat. Tonight there were about 15. I will not let my cats outside anymore – this drought is causing a terrible flea problem in North Carolina. I’ve hired a service to spray the outdoors. Do you think the Best Yet if sprayed on the cats, carpets, and furniture will be sufficient or do you think I should go ahead with the bomb and dipping? It just seems so extreme.

Sent: Tuesday, September 18, 2007 10:50 AM

Barbara Parker is trying to contact you via your web site. The rest of the
information is as follows.

Street: 1507 US 190
City: Huntsville
State: TX
Zip: 77340


Thank you for your products! Living in the country we would be covered up
by bugs if it weren't for Cedar oil!! We absolutely love it!! It is not harmful to our pets and animals, or us, smells wonderful and really works!! Nothing else on the market today works as effectively as Cedar oil.

Disappointed after our local stores quit selling your fine product, we were
happy to find your online store. We ordered 2 of the one gallon jugs yesterday, and UPS drove up today with our order. We can't believe shipping was so fast!! We can't wait to spray inside our home and out. Just wanted to take the time and tell you how much we appreciate the prompt
shipping and love your wonderful product!!

Thank you,



On September 11, 2007,
crashbandiscoot Springfield, OH wrote:

This summer had been awful for my dog because of fleas. He is allergic to all flea and tick products used by our vet or bought over the counter, including collars. He was rashed , red and scratching to the point of sickness and hairloss. We tried home remedies of all kinds, baths and even Avon products, nothing helped. A fine member of Dave's then pointed me in the direction of Cedar oil Products. That was two weeks ago. I bought a bottle of Best Yet all purpose repellant , and I can't even describe how happy I am, or how much better my dog is doing. I appy to him every couple days, and rub it down into the fur and on his skin. This is the very first thing I have used that kills fleas on contact! Everything else just made them run.

It does wear off , but is safe enough to reapply when needed .His skin looks so much better, his hair is already growing back. And my dog is back to his 'ole cat chasing self! I could not be happier with this product , and would recommend to anyone to use , on people, pets, kids and everywhere! An added plus is that it smells like new cedar furniture!

On August 25, 2007,
Lestergee Spring, TX wrote:

In reference to the BEST YET product you speak of in the Cedar oil Testimonial I want to add several comments. I talked to Dr. Ben Oldag at the company as I was so intrigued by the results of this product when I used it on the dogs. Dr. Oldag 78, is one of the very few World Renowned Organic Scientists although one would never know it when talking to him. It is hard to get him to toot his own horn but after a hour I finally surfaced the info I wanted. Dr. Oldag was approached by the US Army about 12 months ago with a desperate plea to invent a Bio flea prevention Product that would be safe for the troops deployed to the Mid East. He and the USDA in concert with Dow Corning came up with this formulation and at days end called it BEST YET because that is what it undoubtably is. I have never in my 62 years seen a product as effective as this solution is. Still, it is as safe as shaving gels or fabric softeners. The development story is to lengthy for this publication but in summary it is a formulation of melted quartz rock and cedar oil. Dr. Oldag explained that all insects breathe through pores in their bodies. When the pores get plugged the insect instantly freezes to death. Ben said that since mammal life has a nervous system that to can be attacked by chemicals he wanted to create something that would not compromise human or animal life, only insects. I must say, the technology is Next Generation. It would be hard for me to ever use a chemical agent again knowing what I know now about the BEST YET formulation. You see, I to am a Organic Scientist and hereby tip my hat to what I consider to be the greatest invention of the century. It is the BEST YET. If you don't believe me try it yourself. By the way, the Cedar oil Website lots of information that will enlighten you on some of the most dynamic organic formulations the World has ever seen. It is interesting to say the least.

On August 24, 2007,
winterrobin South Dennis, NJ
(Zone 7b) wrote:

I was happy to add Cedar oil to the Watchdog, because their products are too good to keep to myself! I ordered their all-natural personal insect repellent in a small spray bottle to take around the garden with me. But no re-application is necessary! This will repel mosquitoes and biting flies for hours. It works so well....no DEET or other harsh chemicals, just natural cedar oil, and it smells great too.

The other product I ordered, "Best Yet" is another cedar oil formula, and multi-purpose. It can be used on people, pets, and even around the house. Spray it around baseboards, under sinks and inside cabinets (but not on floors -- it's slippery) to deter ants, crickets, moths and spiders. I was lucky enough to have some "Best Yet" spray left when we were confronted with a surprise infestation of bed bugs! I'd be embarrassed to admit this, but internet searches came back with information that the very best 5-star hotels are plagued with these pests recently! If you travel, you just might bring them home! Have "Best Yet" on hand to kill them dead. This is MUCH less expensive and MUCH safer than hiring an exterminator to spray heaven-knows-what in your house.

Any questions you have about products, applications, and pests will be answered by Dr. Ben Oldag within a day, not weeks. The woman I spoke to at their 800 number was also friendly and very helpful. I have already placed a second order.

Sent: Saturday, September 15, 2007 9:12 AM
Subject: The bedbugs are gone

Thanks Dr. Ben. The Bed Bugs are gone. One treatment with the best yet is all it took. Thank God for that product. I tried everything thinkable. I got rid of that Terminix bunch who made me live in misery for all this time. I think my husband brought these parasites back from Asia. He often stays in some bizarre places. Still, I saw in the paper that the major hotel chains like Mariott etc. have a ongoing war with them. I guess they travel with people?

Did you know that this stuff will kill head lice ? I am a school nurse and tried it on one of worst head lice cases I have seen in my 30 year career. I sprayed her head with best yet and then put a shower cap on her for several hours. A clean little 7 year old white girl from the better side of town. I combed out every nit and dead lice by the hundreds less than two hours later. This poor child got a new lease on life. She had two treatments with chemicals and they didn't even phase the problem. Her blonde head was ruby red from the chemicals and she screamed when anyone touched it. She had been vomiting from the treatment for days. Her parents were beside themselves and the Doctor wasn't a whole lot of help. When we sprayed the best yet on her she told us it really made her head feel good. It has been two weeks since we did this and I check her every school day. She is still clean. Now I have to tackle the rest of the kids so that I can stop this problem from spreading.

Thanks for the education on parasites. I have been on a learning curve ever since I spoke to you. I suggest you do a publication of some sort. Your 60 years of experience is priceless and should be shared with the younger generations. I know you sure helped me understand how these infestations can take on a life of their own. Perhaps my bed bug experience was meant to happen since it led me to the head lice cure ?
Thanks a again and may God Bless you forever.

Katie Mesindorski...........North Holly Wood, California

Subject: Testimonial

I printed the spot drop article from the link on your website and took it to my vet for his response. He said that the vets association of america knows that the drops kill the animals prematurely but they condone that because they measure the useful life of the animal as 25% less than full life. They feel if the animals life is shortened it is irrelevant because the last fourth of his life is useless anyway. I have a problem with that dr. ben ! What gives them the right to kill peoples pets prematurely ? He said the chemical companies had all of the data on this and we could get it from them. Sounds like the tail wags the dog in the animal health industry. I told the vet to put the drops where the sun does not shine. I sprayed my beautiful cat with best yet and she is watching me as we type this email. In the last 15 minutes I have watched 7 fleas get off of her. I put some of the solution in a perfume mister and I just spray the fleas and they are dead at once. Thanks for the heads up on all of this ben. Because of you my beloved Tillie will live 25% longer.




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